Connected Strategy: Business Model Innovation

Date and Time
Sunday, April 23, 2017
6:00pm— 7:00pm
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Webinar Title: Connected Strategy: Business Model Innovation

Webinar Date: 5.3.18

Webinar Time: 2 a.m. AEST


Led By:  Nicolaj Siggelkow 

David M. Knott Professor, Co-Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management

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About this session:

The Internet-of-things, the sharing economy, robo investment advisors, wearable fitness devices, remote health care operations, peer-to-peer payment systems … business executives in many industries are currently buffeted by a seemingly broad range of technological developments that enable new business models. The common thread among all of these developments is that firms are changing how they connect to customers or how they connect customers with suppliers. In this webinar, we will talk about a new framework that can be used to both understand the connected strategy activities that occur in an industry and to develop new connected strategy for one’s own firm. 

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