Privacy Statement

     1. The Australia and New Zealand Wharton Alumni Club (“Wharton”) is committed to ensuring the privacy of all information it collects.

     2. Wharton is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles as set out in the Privacy Act 1998. In keeping with this legislation, this Privacy Statement sets out Wharton's practice in the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Information collected

      3. Wharton collects personal information concerning past, current and prospective alumni and other persons. This information is only collected where necessary e.g. for administrative purposes.

      4.The type of personal information collected by Wharton will depend upon the reason for its collection. This inevitably involves a diverse range of information but may include residential address and contact details, date of birth, and even credit card and bank details e.g. when tickets for Wharton's events are purchased.

      5. Where reasonably possible, Wharton will only collect information from the individual to whom it relates. Frequently this will be collected online and from email, letters or other forms of communication.

Use and disclosure of information collected

     6. Personal information is only collected where it is necessary to carry out a particular function or administrative activity. Personal information collected for a particular purpose will not be used for any other purpose, unless that secondary purpose is both related to the primary purpose of collection, and the individual would reasonably expect the organisation to use or disclose the information for that secondary purpose.
     7. For example, an alumnus would reasonably expect that the information collected by Wharton might then be forwarded to the Wharton Alumni Office in Philadelphia (via NationBuilder) in order to help the Wharton Alumni Office update its records.
     8. NationBuilder is linked to WhartonConnect, the Wharton School’s alumni directory, and the data that is provided through the NationBuilder platform will be going to the United States and other locations. You can read more about NationBuilder features and policies at

Access to information collected

     9. Upon written request Wharton will provide individuals with access to personal information held about them. This enables them to ensure that information is accurate, relevant, up-to-date, complete and not misleading.

     10. If Wharton denies a request for access, a reason will be provided. Access may be denied if such access would be unlawful, frivolous or vexatious; infringe on the privacy of other individuals; pose a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of any individual; interfere with existing or anticipated legal proceedings; or other valid reasons for exclusion in line with relevant legislation.

Security of information collected

     11. Wharton is committed to maintaining a secure environment for all personal information collected, used or disclosed. Wharton will take all reasonable precautions to protect data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access or disclosure, alteration or destruction.

     12. Personal information is retained no longer than is necessary. Once operational needs have been satisfied, personal information will then be disposed of in a lawful and secure manner.

     13. Paper-based records containing personal information are filed in secure environments. Personal information collected via Wharton's website will be done by sufficiently secure means

     14. Access to either paper-based or computerised records will only be granted to the officers of Wharton or the staff of the Wharton Alumni Office in Philadelphia where there is a demonstrated need for this access in accordance with that officer’s or staff member's duties or responsibilities. No other staff or external organisations will be entitled to access this information.


     15. For further information about this privacy statement, please contact Wharton via the contact details set out on its website.