The club does not have a formal process for assisting prospective applicants or those considering the school. However, there are many Australian-based alumni who will be more than happy to talk to you - about their experience, the school or advice for giving yourself the best chance of getting in.

Please note your interest using the "Let us know..." box on the bottom left hand side of the home page and we will reply to your email. The site is administered by volunteers so the response may not be immediate, please be patient. [Ed note 29/1/15 : we identified a problem with this box so we have not been getting the emails over the past year. This has been fixed now so you will get a response.]

Good luck with your application!


Formal requests to Wharton Admissions

The Alumni Club does not have any information on the formal admissions process. For logistical/administrative questions pertaining to the application process, we advise you to visit the Wharton School’s official admissions website and/or contact the Admissions Office.


Admits / Those considering an offer
If you have accepted or are considering an offer we would encougage you to talk to an Alumnus. If you are based in Sydney or Melbourne then we almost certainly can put you in touch with an Alumnus willing to talk to you to give you some insights on what its like at Wharton, or help you think through your choice of schools if you are fortunate enough to have multiple offers (no bias of course). As noted above, contact us through the "Let us know..." box.