A conversation with Wharton professors (Melbourne)

Date and Time
Thursday, July 27, 2017
6:00pm— 8:00pm
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550 Bourke St
Level 10
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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Penny Metchev
Who's coming
Jack Rejtman Katie Littlefield Michelle Monteiro Michelle Monteiro Matthew Koop Richard Miller Ashley Conn Penny Metchev Michael Giuliano Robert Ross Stephen Wong Deborah Thomas Alison Little Ben Charles
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9 Wharton faculty members and 3 MBA students are travelling to Australia and New Zealand as part of the Wharton Global Initiative - Faculty International Seminars (FIS). This year, visiting faculty members include:
  • David Bell (Marketing)
  • Ron Berman (Marketing)
  • Gideon Nave (Marketing)
  • Harbir Singh (Management)
  • Nicolaj Siggelkow (Management)
  • David Hsu (Management)
  • Anoop Menon (Management)
  • Philip Nichols (Legal Studies and Business Ethics)
  • Ziv Katalan (Operations, Information and Decision)
FIS are designed to provide faculty first-hand exposure to business issues related to their research and teaching, offer them a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with alumni, academic scholars, policy-makers, and business leaders and have on-site visits to innovative and leading companies.
Connecting with Alumni has been a highlight of past seminars so we hope everyone in the area can make it. The meet-up is open to all Wharton/Penn Alumni and provides an opportunity to hear about the latest research at Wharton along with helping the faculty better understand business in Australia and New Zealand. The conversation will involve a brief introduction to each member’s research and an open forum for Q&A.
This is the first time the program has travelled to ANZ and is it hoped that it can be the start of a platform leading up to next year’s global forum and to help increase Wharton’s presence in Australia.
We look forward to seeing you soon!


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550 Bourke St, Level 10, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia,
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